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Gas Safety News: June 2007

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  • Carbon monoxide claims 50 lives
    Sent: 27/06/2007
    Source: PA News Carbon monoxide poisoning has caused 50 deaths in the UK since the start of 2006, research shows. Another 218 people suffered injuries during incidents caused by the deadly gas, according to Corgi. But the actual number of cases i ... read more

    Sent: 27/06/2007
    FireAngel, one of the UK’s leading producers of high technology safety products such as smoke alarms and fire protection devices, is urging people to get wise to carbon monoxide poisoning after research revealed a shocking lack of knowledge among hou ... read more

    North residents most at risk from killer gas
    Sent: 26/06/2007
    PEOPLE in the North-East and Yorkshire are among the highest "at risk" to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, a report warns. the worst region for carbon monoxide poisoning per head of population is Yorkshire - where 18 per cent of incidents - eight ... read more

    Yorkshire top of table for poison gas casualties
    Sent: 26/06/2007
    CARBON monoxide poisoning has caused 50 deaths in the UK since the start of 2006, research out today shows. Another 218 people suffered injuries during incidents caused by the deadly gas, according to Corgi. And the Yorkshire region came out wo ... read more

    Mum killed in blaze caused by late night snack
    Sent: 20/06/2007
    A young mother died after falling asleep while cooking a snack after a night out. Emma MacIntosh is believed to have nodded off after turning on a hob to cook sausages. The 25-year-old died when a cloth caught fire in her kitchen, sending lethal fu ... read more

    Baby joy for Corfu death mums
    Sent: 18/06/2007
    THE PARENTS of two kids gassed to death in Corfu are both expecting babies with their partners. Dad Neil Shepherd’s girlfriend Ruth Beatson is due to give birth in January. And in the same month his ex wife Sharon — mum of tragic Christi, seve ... read more

    Parents of children gassed to death in Corfu expecting babies
    Sent: 18/06/2007
    The parents of two children poisoned in their Corfu hotel room are expecting babies with their new partners. Seven-year-old Christi Shepherd and brother Bobby, six, died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their chalet during a school break last Octobe ... read more

    Sent: 18/06/2007
    THE separated parents of the two children gassed to death in Corfu are expecting babies with their new partners.Seven-year-old Christi Shepherd and brother Bobby, six, died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their chalet during a halfterm holiday last O ... read more

    Halifax advises homeowners to prepare for more flooding
    Sent: 15/06/2007
    As much of Northern England, the Midlands and Central Wales struggles to cope with recent flooding, and with warnings of more wet weather to come, Halifax Home Insurance offers some timely advice to the five million people currently living in flood r ... read more

    Don't put your family at risk
    Sent: 15/06/2007
    HOUSE-hunters are putting themselves at risk of serious injury or worse in the rush to secure the property they want, according to home safety experts Kidde Safety. Kidde has identified the potential death traps most commonly overlooked when purch ... read more

    Survey shows ignorance of 'Silent Killer'
    Sent: 14/06/2007
    More than four in ten people polled in a survey were unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide. Some 41% of people asked were ignorant of the dangers, according to a new national 'Wake Up' campaign. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the ... read more

    GMB Fears That Raft Of Proposals In The Gas Industry Will Lead To More Consumer Deaths Due To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    Sent: 14/06/2007
    Failure to make a single body responsible for protecting consumers will make matters worse as GMB publish new study on carbon monoxide deaths. A new study by CO-Gas Safety has shown that 20 people have been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning sinc ... read more

    Lochaber lad benefits from Modern Apprentice scheme
    Sent: 12/06/2007
    Lochaber teenager Grant Boyd is looking forward to next year when he completes his four-year Modern Apprenticeship (MA) and becomes a qualified plumber/heating engineer. During his apprenticeship, the 19-year-old excelled both at college and on-t ... read more

    £1,600 fine for false plumber
    Sent: 06/06/2007
    AN ENFIELD plumber has been ordered to pay £1,600 compensation and £400 costs by Enfield Magistrates for falsely claiming to be CORGI registered. John Burton, of Severn Drive, was brought before magistrates after an Enfield Council Trading Standar ... read more

    Clampdown on gas dangers steps up
    Sent: 04/06/2007
    TENANTS who refuse access to gas inspectors could face court action after a scheme to combat carbon monoxide poisoning was launched by Halton Housing Trust. The trust has joined Lynn Griffiths, who is heading the Runcorn-based CO Awareness Campaig ... read more

    Ten ways to cut your carbon footprint at home
    Sent: 02/06/2007
    According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average British household emits around six tonnes of CO2 and spends around £870 on power and fuel a year, but both figures can be massively cut with a few simple steps. Julia Gray looks at some of the measure ... read more

    Enhance comfort, reduce bills, save the planet
    Sent: 02/06/2007
    This is the first of an occasional series by Alec Morrow who is a heating engineer, registered gas installer and director of Pleasing Plumbing Ltd. He will be happy to answer any technical questions involving heating and plumbing that relate to ec ... read more

    Landlord fined £12k over fires
    Sent: 01/06/2007
    HEALTH and safety chiefs yesterday said landlord Steven Dickens potentially endangered tenants’ lives after failing to maintain gas fires at properties. Dickens, of Marine Drive, Rhos on Sea, was hit with a £12,000 fine at Warrington Crown Court y ... read more

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