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Plumbing, Heating & Gas Safety News: April 2008

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  • Homeowners warned over gas appliances
    Sent: 28/04/2008
    Householders are being warned to check gas appliances and other works undertaken by a builder recently found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a warning to anyone who had work carried out by Dav ... read more

    Housing trust could go legal to ensure gas safety
    Sent: 25/04/2008
    CREWE Wulvern Housing could take legal action to gain entry to homes in order to carry out vital safety checks. The housing trust has launched a high profile campaign to raise awareness of gas safety and may take legal action when it is denied acc ... read more

    25.03.08 - HSE warns landlords to ensure safe gas installations in their properties
    Sent: 25/04/2008
    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is warning landlords to ensure gas installations in their properties are safe and that they are annually checked by a competent registered gas installer. The warning follows its prosecution of a Doncaster caravan ... read more

    Blackburn firefighter tackles rogue traders
    Sent: 24/04/2008
    A FORMER Blackburn firefighter has launched a website to help people avoid rogue traders. Barry Shelmerdine has set up Trade Grader to give people a chance rate plumbers, electricians or gas engineers who have carried out work for them. Mr Shel ... read more

    Details of plumbing and heating weekend released
    Sent: 24/04/2008
    The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC)will hold its plumbing and heating weekend on June 13-14th 2008. It will take place at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds and has a number of exhibitions and seminars, with a keynote speech by Les ... read more

    Sent: 24/04/2008
    A launceston financial advisor died after a faulty gas boiler pumped carbon monoxide into his living room, an inquest in Truro heard. Coroner Dr Emma Carlyon recorded a verdict of accidental death on keen sportsman and lifelong Plymouth Argyle fan ... read more

    Sent: 23/04/2008
    A poison gas leak killed a guest at a Newquay hotel and sparked a night-time evacuation of the building. An investigation has been launched into the death of the businessman.The body of the man, in his 50s, was found in a room of the Great Western ... read more

    Sent: 23/04/2008
    Cornish MPs have called for carbon monoxide detectors to be fitted in hotels as standard following the death of a businessman from the deadly gas. Guardian Comment - page 39.His body was discovered in a room by a member of staff at the Great Weste ... read more

    Leeds gas fitter fined for undertaking gas safety checks when unqualified
    Sent: 21/04/2008
    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is warning gas fitters to ensure that they are competent and registered before undertaking work. The warning follows HSE's prosecution of a Leeds gas fitter who provided a landlord with completed landlord gas saf ... read more

    Maintenance-Free Low Cost Gas Detection for up to 120 days with New Draeger X-am 1100 Personal Air Monitor
    Sent: 20/04/2008
    Ideal for short term or routine applications such as industrial shutdowns, the new Draeger X-am 1100 Personal Air Monitor provides up to 120-days detection of explosive gases and vapours, including diesel fumes, as well as oxygen (O2), carbon monoxid ... read more

    Maintenance Free Low Cost Gas Detection for up to 120 days with New Draeger X-am 1100 Personal Air Monitor
    Sent: 19/04/2008
    Ideal for short term or routine applications such as industrial shutdowns, the new Draeger X-am 1100 Personal Air Monitor provides up to 120-days detection of explosive gases and vapours, including diesel fumes, as well as oxygen (O2), carbon monoxid ... read more

    Gas safety fear check
    Sent: 18/04/2008
    SAFETY experts have been checking hundreds of Barnsley homes where gas installations have been carried out by a man arrested in connection with the death of Mark Ellis, who was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. And depending on the results of the ... read more

    Weigh up boiler cover cost considerations
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    Adequate boiler care is growing increasingly important in the face of surging fuel prices, it has been suggested. Price comparison specialist Paul Schofield issued his observation after the launch of energy provider npower's One initiative, which ... read more

    Carbon Monoxide Detector Fire Safety
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    The range of detectors and fire safety alarms available from Fire and Safety Centre has been extended with the introduction of two new products. The Carbon Monoxide detection "Dots" are a simple, effective and low cost solution to detecting the pr ... read more

    Brothers admit faulty fire work
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    Two brothers who sold and fitted gas fires have admitted carrying out defective work that safety watchdogs said could have killed someone. Lee and Stephen McHugh, both from Merseyside, admitted 28 charges as part of a Health and Safety prosecution ... read more

    Green energy on the agenda with Scottish heat pump scoop
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    Scottish building owners could be faced with a range of new green heat solutions as a major energy supplier has invested millions in a commercial heat pump installer. According to The Engineer, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has agreed to inje ... read more

    How to find a good tradesman
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    My last plumber arrived in a Mercedes, invoiced me for £500 more than his quote and dumped the steel tank he removed on the street. Not a happy experience, but not unusual. Problems with home maintenance tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, b ... read more

    Carbon debt city urged to make more green effort
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    People in Winchester have been urged to green their homes - via a new boiler or efficient heat source - as the city is in carbon debt as of this month. According to officials, it has been named as having Britain's largest carbon footprint per pers ... read more

    Family saved from poison gas threat
    Sent: 17/04/2008
    PAUL and Sarah Adams say they have a British Gas engineer to thank for saving their lives and those of their four children. The couple called in the company to set up a home servicing plan. When engineer Andrew Crofton made the routine call to ... read more

    New Pegler modern bathroom range suit
    Sent: 16/04/2008
    Pegler new range of taps and mixers offers a high-performance selection to suit all bathroom requirements, according to the manufacturer. Speaking to Buildingtalk, Pegler product manager Barrie Plant claimed that the upcoming Maverick line is "at ... read more

    Ideal Standard offers luxury bathroom range
    Sent: 16/04/2008
    A new whirlpool bath selection from Ideal Standard has been described as providing a new level of luxury in bathing. George Theodossiou, managing director of the firm's Greek division, told distributors that this year's new products will continue ... read more

    New boiler predicted to cut carbon and heating costs
    Sent: 16/04/2008
    A new biomass boiler lined up to be installed at Bradford University is predicted to save around 500 tonnes of carbon every year. Replacing three gas-fired boilers, the device is being funded by the institution with help from the Department for th ... read more

    Cause of boiler leak revealed
    Sent: 15/04/2008
    FUMES from a four-star Liverpool hotel faulty boiler got trapped, causing potentially deadly carbon monoxide to leak into a bedroom. Pensioners Joe and Kathleen Nicholl had to be placed in a specialist decompression unit after inhaling poisonous g ... read more

    The latest Draeger gas detection products on show
    Sent: 15/04/2008
    The very latest developments in personal gas detection and respiratory protective equipment will be shown on the Draeger stand at the Safety and Health Expo, 2008 In addition, and in line with the Draeger commitment to personal protection, the lat ... read more

    The Many Purposes Behind Furnace Filters
    Sent: 14/04/2008
    Many people believe that there is only one purpose of a furnace filter or an air conditioning filter. And that is, to reduce dust is in the home. This may be a very important job for your furnace filter to take on but it?s not the only function your ... read more

    Holiday Safety Tips
    Sent: 14/04/2008
    The holidays are a busy time , shopping, traveling, and spending time with friends and family can leave us with crowded social calendars and frazzled nerves. This holiday season, make sure that you and your family stay safe and secure. Following thes ... read more

    The Step By Step Guide to Kitchen Fitting
    Sent: 14/04/2008
    Have you every wanted to know the rules of kitchen fitting? Read through the dos and donts of fitting your own kitchen. Make sure your kitchen looks and works how you want it to. Fitting kitchens can be a very straight forward procedure if the corre ... read more

    Mid Wales gas engineer prosecuted for unauthorised gas work
    Sent: 13/04/2008
    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is warning anyone having gas appliances fitted or serviced to ensure the engineer they are using is competent and registered, after a mid Wales man was prosecuted for carrying out gas work without being CORGI reg ... read more

    Safety first at home and at work
    Sent: 12/04/2008
    SAFETY first is the message to workers at a chemical plant in Jarrow. Employees at Rohm and Haas have an excellent safety record at work, which has benefits for their home lives. There were no serious work-related injuries, including lost time ... read more

    Be alert to dangers of carbon monoxide in the home
    Sent: 11/04/2008
    SAFETY experts today urged householders to be alert to the dangers of chimneys and flues becoming blocked following the tragic and wasteful result of Johnsons blunders. CORGI, the gas safety watchdog, said appliances should be switched off if there ... read more

    Suffolk builder blamed for death
    Sent: 11/04/2008
    A MECHANIC poisoned by fumes after a Suffolk builder accidentally blocked a boiler pipe while re-building his chimney was unlawfully killed, jurors ruled yesterday. David Johnson, 56, of Ipswich, was guilty of the manslaughter of Robert Schenker, ... read more

    CORGI campaign warns consumers off DIY
    Sent: 11/04/2008
    CORGI, the UK gas safety watchdog, has launched a consumer campaign at the Home Building and Renovating Show this weekend that warns people to call in an expert to work on gas in their homes. The campaign, entitled 'Who Could be the Killer?', is a ... read more

    Yokogawa acquires gas analysis technology company
    Sent: 10/04/2008
    Yokogawa has acquired Analytical Specialties (ASI), a US company with unique gas analyser technology, having energy saving, environmental, and safety solution-providing capabilities. With this acquisition, Yokogawa is adding the TruePeak tunable d ... read more

    ACS system under review after industry concerns
    Sent: 10/04/2008
    ACS Committee is to undertake a review of the ACS scheme in order to address some of the concerns raised by the industry and by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) review of domestic gas safety. The news was revealed by David Wilson, secretary t ... read more

    New gas course is ever popular
    Sent: 09/04/2008
    A SPECIALIST gas training and assessment centre at Darlington College is continuing to support the fight against dangerous practice in the industry with the launch of a new course. The college is helping to stamp out the menace of rogue gas fitter ... read more

    Landlords urged to take note of energy requirements
    Sent: 09/04/2008
    People who own rental properties must pay extra attention to the energy efficiency of their heating systems, they have been reminded. Rental specialists at Letting News issued the reminder ahead of October's introduction of new regulations requiri ... read more

    New boiler a cost effective green measure
    Sent: 09/04/2008
    Investing in a new boiler is one of the most cost-effective ways to save funds and boost the green credentials of your home, it has been suggested. According to property specialists at the Residential Landlord website, the initial costs of a new h ... read more

    Green heat seen as key to construction carbon cutting
    Sent: 09/04/2008
    Housebuilders in the UK have singled out biomass boilers, ground-source heat pumps and solar heating as key elements in the drive towards sustainable construction. Representatives for the country's biggest firms issued their suggestions as part of ... read more

    Home Safety Issues: An Inspectors Biggest Concern
    Sent: 08/04/2008
    This article is not intended to scare the witts out of someone looking to buy or sell a home. My goal is to hopefully prevent someone from being injured at home whether it is a prospective buyer, seller or current homeowner. My comments are based on ... read more

    Energy saving improvements do not have to be pricey
    Sent: 08/04/2008
    UK residents can energy-proof their homes and improve heating systems without breaking the bank, according to experts at the Energy Saving Trust. Zoltan Zovody, strategy manager for the organisation, pointed out that significant savings can in fac ... read more

    New heat pump to cut costs and carbon at hospital
    Sent: 07/04/2008
    Staff at a Mansfield hospital hope to cut their carbon footprint and slash thousands off annual heating bills with a new ground-source heat pump. The renewable energy source is intended to provide cooling technology at Kings Mill Hospital, as well ... read more

    Heat pump funding for Scots
    Sent: 07/04/2008
    Homeowners in Scotland are to get more funding for eco-upgrades such as heat pumps, solar panels and windmills, it has emerged. The country's finance secretary, John Swinney, revealed that £13.5 million per year will be made available for the next ... read more

    Government confirms eco-towns locations
    Sent: 07/04/2008
    Plans for the UKs first eco-towns have been unveiled by government officials. Housing minister Caroline Flint announced 15 potential locations for the dedicated green housing areas, including Bordon-Whitehill in Hampshire and Rossington in South Y ... read more

    Portable and Wireless Gas Detection Tools at Fire Department Instructors Conference
    Sent: 07/04/2008
    RAE Systems Inc. a leader in delivering innovative sensor solutions to serve industrial, energy, environmental and government safety markets worldwide, today announced participation at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) that will be he ... read more

    Green building rules open opportunities for heating firms
    Sent: 03/04/2008
    Radiator valve and thermostat specialist Honeywell is using its heating expertise to boost a growing trend for sustainable building in China, it has been suggested. The firm's spokesperson told China Daily that as Honeywell offers a full range of ... read more

    South-west gets green heat cash injection
    Sent: 03/04/2008
    Community and commercial buildings in the south-west are to up their renewable energy use after a substantial cash injection from local authorities. The South West of England Regional Development Agency has been awarded £3 million from the Departm ... read more

    Brighton flat flushes out competition with toilet quirk
    Sent: 03/04/2008
    A Brighton flat has gone on sale with an innovative bathroom feature to attract potential buyers - its toilet is on the balcony. Furthermore, the Hanover Street property's bath is situated in the kitchen, featuring a hinged worktop to save space a ... read more

    Gas alarm saved my life - OAP
    Sent: 03/04/2008
    A RAINWORTH pensioner has had a lucky escape after her carbon monoxide alarm - which was fitted after a chance conversation with her hairdresser detected the deadly gas at her Beverley Close home and saved her life. Seventy-nine-year-old Jean Setchf ... read more

    Tenants urged not to refuse gas safety checks or face legal consequences
    Sent: 03/04/2008
    TENANTS who refuse vital gas safety checks will face legal action, One Vision Housing has warned. The organisation has successfully completed legal proceedings against six tenants who failed to grant access for an inspection, in a ‘no-nonsense’ ap ... read more

    Heat pump to provide green power for Hull school
    Sent: 01/04/2008
    Eco-friendly heat pump technology is being used to boost the green credentials of a primary school in Hull. Builders at the site of the Fifth Avenue establishment will harness the earth's natural heat for the school, which they claim represents th ... read more

    Plumbers to the heating rescue with Ferroli boiler
    Sent: 01/04/2008
    A new Ferroli boiler has warmed the lives of a Huddersfield family after a frosty winter period, it has been claimed. Following the failure of a local handyman to fix their old heating system, Nina Johnson and Steve Bostock were "saved" by Mirfiel ... read more

    Heating systems power flushing device for radiator cleaning.
    Sent: 01/04/2008
    Sentinel has launched a new lightweight unit in response to demand for power flushing in home heating systems. According to the manufacturer, the Jetflush Junior uses a similar compact version of the submersible Grundfos pump that is used in its p ... read more

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