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New fuel cell boiler alternative could cut bills by a quarter

A new type of fuel-cell boiler being designed by British Gas could turn the nations homes into micro power stations, it has been claimed.

Outlining the efficient and economical qualities of the combined heat and power (CHP) units, SmartPlanet explained that they have been designed to replace a home's existing boiler.

Working by generating electricity and simultaneously heating a building using natural gas, the method has already been used on a large scale to heat and power homes in Scandinavia.

"Unlike roof-mounted solar panels or micro wind turbines, it won't be at the mercy of our delightfully changeable British weather," noted the eco-publication.

"British Gas reckons the annual gas and electricity savings could be up to a quarter off the bill of a home with a modern condensing boiler," it added.

Developed by UK-based firm Ceres Power, the CHP units are currently being trialled in 30 British homes, with plans for them to go on sale nationwide by 2010.

Boiler manufacturer Baxi unveiled its own CHP system earlier this year, with representatives pointing out that surplus electricity produced by the wall-hung device would be sold back to the national grid.

Sent: 31/03/2008

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