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Man tried to light boiler with blow torch

A MAN had a lucky escape when he tried to light his boiler with a blow torch - and the gas canister caught fire.
On Friday evening, fire-fighters were called to a house in Halifax Road, Nelson, after the incident.

Watch Manager Mark Woodward said: "The occupier was trying to light the boiler using a blow torch and the LPG vapour leaked and caught fire.

"He was lucky not to be injured and the occupants left the house and called us. We put the fire out and removed the blow torch to vent it off."

There was severe fire damage to the blow torch and light smoke damage to the boiler room.

Watch Manager Woodward said: "We would suggest people should not light their boiler with a blow torch. You should make sure boilers are maintained and checked every year by a Corgi-registered engineer."

Sent: 06/03/2008

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