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London homes get green boiler revamp

Biomass boilers and solar hot water heaters have been installed at properties belonging to the oldest housing cooperative in London.

As part of a drive to make the New Cross homes more efficient and economical, Sanford Housing Co-Op focussed on the replacement of ageing and unreliable heating systems.

Following a conclusion that the properties' wind resource and roof orientation made roof-mounted wind turbines inappropriate, gas boilers were removed and replaced with planet-friendly biomass models powered by wood waste pellets.

"This is a groundbreaking project that has been initiated by the residents, and shows what can be achieved by people who are empowered to make decisions about the way they live," Jason Hawkes from project manager J3 Building Futures told the Green Building Press.

He predicted that the carbon emissions produced by the 14 houses and six flats will be reduced by 60 per cent as a result of the green boiler makeover.

The owner of the Buderus boiler, the Bosch group, is just one firm that has highlighted its commitment to developing renewable energies like those featured in the New Cross homes.

Sent: 10/03/2008

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