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Government looks to make eco-friendly heat easier

An eco-friendly heat pump or biomass boiler could become easier to install under new government proposals.

Planning minister Caroline Flint has confirmed that from April 6th, UK homeowners will be able to install energy-saving devices such as solar panels without needing to obtain planning permission.

She noted that the addition of such devices has previously thrown up difficulties for individuals, with the process of obtaining official permission often proving time-consuming and costly.

Ms Flint outlined her department's desire to "make it easier" for people to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Technology like solar panels can make a real difference, but homeowners can be put off by the time and expense of getting planning permission.

"We think it is right that people have more freedom to make these changes providing it has no impact on others," she remarked.

Following on from the solar panel decision, officials are now considering how to step up the ease with which individuals and families can install heat pumps and wind turbines.

Green heat sources have been identified as a key way for the government to reach its target for all new homes to be zero-carbon from 2016.

Sent: 25/03/2008

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