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Glow-worm: It is imperative that boilers are installed and maintained properly

Boiler manufacturer Glow-worm has joined up with an influential government body to promote homeowner awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Alongside the Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance, the firm will ensure that all of its boilers are rigorously tested and approved to high safety standards before leaving the factory.

Representatives for Glow-worm emphasised that, as with all gas appliances, it is "imperative" that boilers are installed and serviced regularly by a Corgi-registered professional to guarantee their continued correct and safe operation.

"You increase the risk of your appliance producing carbon monoxide if it is badly installed or poorly maintained," explained a spokesperson.

He went on to point out that with all solid fuel appliances, ash cans should be emptied and checked daily, flue ways at the back of a boiler should be cleaned weekly and 'throat plates' at the top of room heaters should be cleaned monthly.

Boiler experts also suggest that gas appliances which should have a crisp blue flame - such as a pilot light ought to be monitored for changes, as a 'lazy' orange flame indicates that a device is not working properly.

Sent: 19/03/2008

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