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Ferroli steals the show in the capital

Boiler supremo Ferroli has stolen the show at EcoBuild with its AQUAcyl hot water cylinders, according to reports.

Combining high-speed heat recovery with a 25-year tank guarantee, the high-grade stainless steel tanks are said by the manufacturer to ensure "superior resistance to corrosion", even in hard water areas.

Visitors to London's sustainable building exhibition were said to be impressed with the hot water tanks' wide range of capacities and close-coiled primary coils, which ensure the Ferroli models deliver impressive hot water generation and re-heat performance.

"Regeneration time for 70 per cent of the contents of a single-coil 90-litre indirect cylinder is just 18 minutes, and only 25 minutes for the 250-litre model," remarked a spokesperson for the boiler specialist.

"Twin coil options deliver even shorter heat recovery times, making them an ideal solution for applications with a high hot water demand," the representative added.

Heating and plumbing professionals not that the each AQUAcyl hot water storage cylinder is supplied with a factory-fitted T and P valve, as well as a full expansion kit including vessel, valves and thermostat.

With all pipe and electrical connections located at the front of cylinders for convenient access, each cylinder is externally insulated and protected with a galvanised steel outer casing.

Sent: 03/03/2008

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