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Faulty heating caused OAPs death

A pensioner was found dead after inhaling poisonous fumes from a faulty heating system, an inquest heard today.

Coroner John Leckey was also told that Anne Bingham, 76, who was found lying on her settee, had struggled with her heating for 25 years.

The court heard that Mrs Bingham, a widower, had died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Her history of heart disease and emphysema were contributory factors to her death, according to Mr Leckey.

Forensic officer Dennis McAuley said the metal flue pipe of her glass-fronted fire had been blocked with debris, causing an obstruction which led to lethal carbon monoxide fumes filling the sitting room.

Michael Bingham, who discovered his mother on the afternoon of March 6 2007, said that she had a regular battle with the heating in her terraced house in Abercorn Street, north Belfast.

He said: "My mother had since 1984, a 25-year battle with her fire. She always fought with the fire to get it lit and there were always odours present in the house."

Coroner John Leckey said that elderly people in the community were especially vulnerable from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sent: 27/03/2008

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