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Connaught reaches 100% gas safety mark with West Devon

Connaught and West Devon Homes have delivered 100 per cent gas safety compliance across the Housing Association’s properties throughout West Devon and in Launceston, North Cornwall.

Connaught was appointed by West Devon Homes in July last year for a period of three years to deliver a Gas Safety Programme.

The partnership has achieved the 100 per cent mark within six months.

By law, landlords must ensure gas safety certificates are issued every 12 months.

Gaining access to homes to carry out essential safety checks and servicing to achieve this time frame can be challenging for Housing Associations. Connaught and West Devon Homes worked together to introduce robust procedures that ensure Connaught gas servicing engineers can carry out this essential work.

Paula Carroll, contract manager for Connaught said: “This is fantastic news and a perfect example of good team work and dedicated staff”

Jean Peters, chief executive for West Devon Homes said: “We are very pleased to have achieved 100% compliance which reflects the benefits of good partnership working. We are most grateful to our tenants for their assistance in making this possible.”

Sent: 04/03/2008

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