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ClipSeals for shower enclosures and bath screens

Byretech introduce a new range of innovative 'replacement seals' for shower enclosures and bath screens.

Byretech the premier manufacturer of bathroom water damage prevention products for bathrooms, introduces new push on 'ClipSeals' for over bath screens and shower enclosures.

The 'ClipSeal' range can help many homeowners / hoteliers who have bath screens and shower enclosures and who now can't get over the counter replacement sealing strips as they are not made any more by the original manufacturers.

Steve Dalloway, Byretech's Sales and Marketing Director, tells us that these new seals sit nicely alongside their existing range of 'universal seals' and are designed to be an even easier replacement product than the 'famously easy' ScreenSeal and ScreenSeal Max products released in 2006.

Steve tells us that the new 'ClipSeals' are so easy to fit, even a child could have a go at fitting them and they are available with full instructions, video's and PDF downloads online.

Sent: 04/12/2008

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