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Cistermiser flush control presents innovative installation option

Cistermiser has unveiled a new toilet system intended for all washroom environments where urinals are linked to auto-flush cisterns.

Using a sensor control which can be pipe, wall or ceiling-mounted, the IRC kit is said by the manufacturer to offer an "attractive installation option" for plumbers, builders and architects.

"The IRC comprises a solenoid valve assembly that is plumbed in on the water supply to the urinal cistern, together with a battery or mains-powered Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor module," explains Buildingtalk.

Water flows to a toilet cistern following a process whereby the PIR sensor reacts to movement and opens the solenoid valve, which is normally closed.

Furthermore, the IRC flush control identifies periods of inactivity, during which a full operation of the auto-flush cistern would be wasteful.

According to Buildingtalk, Cistermiser's latest flush control valve can result in water savings of up to 80 per cent, presenting potential payback of the costs of installation within months.

Cistermiser is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of solutions for the treatment and management of water usage in buildings.

Sent: 26/03/2008

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