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Boiler gadget to save water and energy

A new boiler add-on device will enhance the efficiency of heating technology and make energy savings of up to 90 per cent, it has been claimed.

Manufacturers of the Energycatcher explained that it has been designed to make sure all heat produced by a boiler is recovered and recycled into a home's hot water system.

Able to be fitted to the majority of existing boiler models, the device recycles heat from a domestic gas boiler's exhaust fumes and uses it to pre-heat and store hot water.

Louis Pickersgill, managing director of manufacturer Ravenheat, told the Green Building Press that the Energycatcher cuts heating bills as well as carbon dioxide and other "noxious" gas emissions.

"It also reduces the amount of mains water used and associated environmental impact and carbon-saving from the supply," he remarked.

"The water heated moves by convection so no additional power is needed".

One combination boiler already renowned for it energy-saving properties is Baxi's Duo-tec Combi 28 HE model, voted Best Buy by consumer magazine Which? last year

Sent: 11/03/2008

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