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  • High Efficiency Central Heating Systems - Guide

    This guide for central heating and hot water installers provides information about
  • Controls for central heating systems with boilers and radiators, warm air units, or electric storage heaters
  • How central heating controls can reduce energy consumption
  • The ‘minimum set’ of central heating controls and ‘best practice’

  • 'C/H Controls Introduction' describes what the individual central heating systems controls do and their particular benefits.
  • 'C/H Thermal Controls, C/H Valve Controls & C/H Function Controls' provides help on selecting central heating systems controls and the minimum set that should be used to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations.
  • 'C/H System Replacement' provides advice on central heating upgrades and often necessary replacements of heating appliance controls in order to ensure the optimum system performance.
  • 'C/H Controls Installation' provides advice on central heating / hot water systems installation.
  • 'Energy efficient home' section outlines energy-saving benefits.

    Specific Notes:

    This Guide provides a recommended minimum set of controls that are expected to meet the new requirements of the Building Regulations 2002 (not yet published)[1,2,3].

    Heating controls for domestic wet central heating systems are recognised as an energy efficiency measure, and VAT is charged at a lower rate – currently 5% instead of 17.5%. The lower rate applies to both the equipment and installation costs, but only when the work is done by an central heating installer registered for VAT.

    For specific central heating installation guidance, reference should always be made to central heating unit manufacturers’ instructions. Reference should also be made to Building Regulations, standards and codes of practice. This Guide is based on material drafted by Advantica Technologies Ltd under contract to BRECSU for the Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme.

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