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Worcester Greenstar Cdi Condensing LPG Combination (Combi) boiler

Suited to heat medium to large size split level flats or houses (3 to 4 bedrooms up to 1500 sq ft : ~130sq m). Features very fast hot water delivery and high BTU output performance at often increased efficiency comparing to the smaller output combination boilers
Wall mount boiler designed for indoors installation.

Main Info
Boiler type: Combination (Combi) / Condensing
Boiler fuel: LPG
Boiler mounting position: Wall mount / Indoors
Heat output in BTUs per hour: 102,389
Maximum power in kilo Watts: 30
Efficiency band: A
Ultra High Efficiency: 92.2%
boiler efficiency band A
Boiler flue: Room-sealed
Boiler ventilation: Fan
Boiler ignition: No permanent pilot light
Boiler burner control: Variable

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