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Atag Q51C Condensing Gas Combination (Combi) boiler

Covering the heating requirements within very large households (5 - 6 bedrooms) or office/small warehouse spaces up to 2200 sq ft (~200sq m). Designed for ultimate hot water delivery and highest performance
Wall mount boiler designed for indoors installation.

Main Info
Boiler type: Combination (Combi) / Condensing
Boiler fuel: GAS
Boiler mounting position: Wall mount / Indoors
Heat output in BTUs per hour: 152,560
Maximum power in kilo Watts: 44.7
Efficiency band: A
Very High Efficiency: 90%
boiler efficiency band A
Boiler flue: Can be either open or room-sealed
Boiler ventilation: Fan
Boiler ignition: No permanent pilot light
Boiler burner control: Variable

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