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Domestic Boiler Installations

London Heating Services provide domestic boiler installation and boiler fitting service covering broad range of modern combination boiler models. In majority we fit combination boilers, but also cover traditional heating units retrofits and partial c/h replacements.

Prior to installation we choose the right boiler for your individual house caloric requirements. We then send a gas engineer to assess the labour time required to install the boiler plus cost of additional fitting required. Generally the more complex boiler fitting is the more expensive installation becomes. Most of new boiler installations are generally very strightforward, however we sometimes encounter more difficult fittings caused very often by lack of space for the boiler unit, relevant gas/water/flue pipe access or necessary flat/house conversion.

Time scales:
Simple boiler installations are carried out under 1 day. Larger jobs including necessary boiler replacements, difficult fitting and gas/water pipes conversions can be carried within 2 to 3 working days from the initial estimate time.

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